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Facebook is testing Dark Mode in its Mobile App, Here is how to enable it


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The dark mode is nowadays a way of life and most people prefer using their mobile phones with dark mode enabled. Facebook has been lagging in introducing dark theme in its main app even after introducing it to other of its application like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. 

With this said, Facebook is reported to be publicly testing a new dark mode feature for its mobile app on both Android and iOS. This simply means that we should expect the feature soon on the Facebook main app after its official rollout. This comes after the company first began testing the dark theme feature with a few users in June and now Facebook intends to expand the feature to more users both on Android and iOS. 

This news is confirmed by Jane Manchun Wong who announced the public testing of the Facebook Dark theme feature in a video collaboration with the company’s Alexandru Voica. 


How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook App

To turn on Dark Mode, go to the settings menu on the top right of the app, and click on Settings & Privacy. If Dark Mode has rolled out to you, it will be available as an option over here, which you can enable through a tap. However, the feature is still not available for all users and is just expanding to some Android and iOS users who have access to it.

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