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Facebook Messenger Unveils ‘Watch Together’ to let you Watch videos with Friends

Facebook Messenger 'co-viewing' experience


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Facebook, yesterday, in an official blog post announced a new feature in Facebook Messenger called ‘Watch Together’. Facebook Watch together feature will allow friends and families to watch the same video contents together on Messenger video calls/ Messenger rooms and see their reactions in real-time. This new feature ‘Facebook watch together’ will work with all Facebook Watch Video content, user uploads, creator content, live streams and will soon roll out on music videos. This new feature will begin to roll out on Android and iOS this week.

How to use Facebook watch together feature
Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook Says, “Every day, there are more than 150 million video calls on Messenger, and more than 200 million videos sent via Messenger. Now, with Watch Together, you can enjoy videos and share the experience with your friends in real-time. 

We created Watch Together to make spending quality time with friends and loved ones feel as close to an in-person experience as possible. Whether it’s watching a trending video, a movie, a sports highlight, a makeup tutorial or a Facebook Watch original, the feature allows you to watch your friends’ reactions at the same time.”

How to use Facebook watch together feature

This feature is easy to use and straight forward for Facebook messenger users. Follow the following steps to get started with the watch together feature;

  1. Start a Messenger video call or create a messenger room and invite your friends.
  2. Swipe up to access the menu, you will see watch together option then select it.
  3. From there, you can select a video suggested for you or choose from different categories such as ‘TV & Movies,’ ‘Watched’ ‘or ‘Uploaded videos.’

That’s it and you’ll be able to enjoy Facebook ‘co-viewing’ with your friends and families.

Facebook also says that you can watch together same video content with up to eight people on a Messenger video call and up to 50 people in Rooms. The feature roll-out is global and will be followed by the feature’s support in a couple of weeks and the Desktop experience later.

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