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Facebook will soon let you Claim ownership of images and control how they are used by other people


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The social networking giant, Facebook,  is reportedly working on a tool that will let creators and publishers control how their original images are shared across its platform and claim ownership of images to protect their copyrights. This tool, Rights Manager for images will also apply to Instagram and will allow publishers and creators to claim ownership of images – including their videos – and submit takedown requests of infringing images or videos to Facebook, provided they are the real owners.

Facebook says the tool, Rights Manager for images is still rolled out to some partners and will be available soon for all creators and publishers. 

To claim ownership of images or content, all creators and publishers will be required to upload a CSV file of their image/ videos and its metadata. The manager tool will then use its matching technology to scan where the image shows up, and legal owners can decide to leave the image up, issue a takedown or block it from certain territories. Admins will also have the flexibility to broaden the scan for matching images worldwide or only in certain areas.

How to use the Rights Manager for images tool on Facebook
Image Credits: Facebook

“We want to make sure that we understand the use case very, very well from that set of trusted partners before we expand it out because, as you can imagine, a tool like this is a pretty sensitive one and a pretty powerful one, and we want to make sure that we have guardrails in place to ensure that people are able to use it safely and properly,” wrote Dave Axelgard, product manager of the creator and publisher experience at Facebook, in a comment.

In the same blog post, Facebook also reminded users of its IP reporting system, repeat infringer policy, and other measures to combat infringement. You can learn more about copyright protection offered by Facebook here.

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