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List of Internet Service Providers in Kenya: Home and Business Internet Packages


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Internet connection is becoming a basic necessity in the current society hence many people are looking for a cheap and reliable Internet Service Provider in Kenya. In this article, I have combined some of the most affordable and reliable Internet Service Providers in Kenya.


Zuku owned by Wananchi Group Ltd is a major player in both internet connectivity and pay-tv services in Kenya. Zuku offers unlimited internet connectivity with their prices starting at only Ksh 2,456 for 5 Mbps Home internet.

Zuku internet home packages
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They also offer business packages with prices starting at only Ksh 8,699 for 20 Mbps connection. The benefits of Zuku internet is that they offer additional TV and telephone package, they also offer free installations and free Wi-Fi modems.

Zuku internet business packages
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Safaricom home fibre is one of the best Internet Service Provider for home. However, they have only covered some regions. They offer unlimited internet access and have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond packages. Prices start at Ksh 2,900 for 5 Mbps.

Safaricom Home Fibre packages
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If you are not in Safaricom fibre covered areas you can still buy the Safaricom Home 4G Router and still be able to access Safaricom internet.



Faiba internet owned by Jamii Telecommunication Ltd offers both home and business internet. They offer unlimited high-speed internet ranging from 30Mbps – 125Mbps for home plans and 15Mbps – 100Mbps for business plans.

Faiba home plans packages
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Telkom Kenya offers home plan internet which can be accessed via a 4G router. In order to subscribe to their home plan you need to have a Telkom 4G sim card then subscribe to home internet plan. You can also access Telkom home internet plan using the Telkom MiFi that goes for 4,999.

Telkom 4G Home plans
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Airtel Kenya offers Home internet with their new Smart Home router which can connect up to 32 devices with a range up to 20 metres. The Wi-Fi router costs Ksh 7,499 and comes with free 25GB of the bundle. Airtel Smart Home router is convenient in that you just need to plug it in power and access internet, the only problem with it is that it offers limited internet and can only be used on the 4G LTE network.

What are the available home plans on Airtel Smart Home?

Airtel Home plans
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For more information on Airtel and Telkom, home internet solution read Tech-ish post on home internet solutions in Kenya.


Hai Kenya is an internet service provider in Kenya offering both Home and office internet access. The business packages are Hai-Waya Basic, Hai-Waya Fast, Hai-Waya Superfast, Hai-Waya Turbo and Hai-Waya Turbo Plus. You can check out their prices here as they offer different prices according to your location.

Hai business packages
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They also have unlimited home plans which are affordable and reliable internet connectivity.



If you are looking for the cheap internet service provider in Kenya then you should consider subscribing to Poa internet. They offer unlimited internet of 4Mbps for only Ksh 1500 per month. However, they are only covered in some areas of Nairobi.

The connection fee to poa internet is Ksh 7,500 and you are given access to over 13,000 Uko poa! public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Poi internet
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Internet solution offers both home and SME business internet access. Their home package starts at Ksh 3,000 which gives you the speed of 3Mbps burstable to 12 Mbps and business package starts at 5,000 which gives you the speed of 5Mbps burstable to 20 Mbps. Internet Solutions is a reliable Internet Service Provider in Kenya.

IS package
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Other Internet Service Providers in Kenya include;


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