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Microsoft Officially Confirms Xbox Series S console for $ 299

Xbox Series S console


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After weeks of rumours and leaks of the Xbox Series S console by tipsters all over the world, Microsoft has been forced to confirm the existence of the gaming console, Xbox Series S in a tweet. In the tweet, Microsoft describes the Series S as offering “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever”  and the company haven’t provided too many details about it. 


Microsoft has also confirmed the price of Xbox Series S in the same tweet, which is the same as the suggested leaks. This gaming console will cost you $ 299. 

Tipsters believe that the Series S features many of the same internals as the Series X, but cuts the disc drive and has a less-powerful CPU and GPU. This means it’s not likely to be the best console for 4K gaming, but it will almost certainly be the cheapest way to play next-gen games.” A report made by Engadget.


It has long been rumoured that Microsoft is working on two Xbox consoles for next-gen, aiming to claim both ends of the market. And now, we can confirm indeed that the pricing scheme should be very familiar, matching that of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S of yesteryear.

We can confirm via our sources that the entry-level Xbox Series S will cost $299 at retail, with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option, which Microsoft is planning to push hard via various retailers and a large global rollout. The more powerful Xbox Series X will cost $499, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access financing option.

Both consoles will launch on November 10, 2020.”

Windows Central reports.

As per now, we don’t have much information and features about it, We’ll keep updating the post as we get more information, details and features of the gaming console as they come in. Be sure to keep it at INFOLEO for more.

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