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TikTok Creators will Soon be able to Monetize their Content Directly from the App

TikTok monetization


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Tiktok creators will now have another way to monetize their content from the app.

TikTok app has partnered with Teespring, a commerce platform, to enable content creators to design their merchandise and sell to their fans directly on the app. The app is currently testing the new function with a small group of users.

This new feature with Teespring is currently in beta testing and is expected to officially launch this month.


“Our latest partnership with TikTok marks a collective commitment to serving the creator community, which we value hugely. Our company ethoses aligned in creating a feature for the massive amount of US-based creators on both platforms,” said Chris Lamontagne, CEO of Teespring, said in a statement to USA TODAY.


Teespring is reportedly still trying the new feature before the official launch of the integrated function. For starters, they are still trying to determine which TikTok creators are eligible to use the integration and how the merchandise will be positioned in their videos.


We believe, based on the current trend, that non-apparel items will be outselling apparel by this time next year,” Lamontagne said. “Layering in really smart commerce opportunities is key, so it could be physical merchandise or it could be something more digital.”


The Instagram Reels, a competitor to TikTok, currently does not have a monetization option for content creators, but it’s something the app could integrate, as it has with its other features. Earlier this year, Instagram launched ads on IGTV videos and direct sales through Instagram Shopping.


TikTok creators also have the option to do live streams, which can bring revenue to creators over the age of 18, and gain exposure in the TikTok Creator Marketplace, which helps brands discover and partner with innovative creators to collaborate on paid campaigns.


Also to note, this feature is only available for US users and we hope that it will be soon available worldwide even for Kenyan TikTokers community who keeps us entertained and updated to current trends.

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