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Truecaller adds new Features: Call Reason, SMS Schedule and SMS Translate


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The year 2020 has been all about communication and maintaining the connection with work colleagues, friends and families amidst coronavirus that kept a lot of people at home to avoid the spread of the virus. To cope up with the situation, we have seen a lot of tech companies come up with the solutions that enable people to remain connected and communicate virtually through video calls, messaging and voice calls. Truecaller, one of the most popular caller ID application that is trusted by millions of users globally has not been left behind in providing solutions, they have added new useful features to its application that include Call Reason, SMS Schedule and SMS Translate.

The new Truecaller features are set to be rolled out globally on both Android as well as iPhone users. Truecaller has been known to offer Caller IDs even for people the contacts that are not there on your smartphone. With the new set of features, the company just aims to take this one step further.

A closer look at Truecaller new features that you will like

Call Reason

With call reason, the company expects that call pick-up rates would go up, especially in the case when callers are calling from new numbers. Call Reason enables users to set a reason for the incoming call, the receiver of the call will now have sight of why they are calling whether it be personal matters, business-related, or something urgent. 

This feature will start rolling out immediately to all Android users and will be launching for iOS early next year.

SMS Scheduler

Users on the application can now schedule an SMS to be sent at a specific date and time by simply clicking the scheduling icon and choosing when you want the message to be sent. However, this feature is only available to Android users.

SMS Translate

The app will now allow users to instantly translate the content of their messages directly in Truecaller without leaving the app. This feature works for both SMS and instant messages (IM) and is only available for Android users.

All these features will be free for all Truecaller users.

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