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What’s New in the Latest Google Chrome Update

Google chrome update that will bring many users back to chrome browser


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In an official Google chrome blog post, Google revealed that it would be introducing some improvements to the Chrome browser mainly to improve chrome performance and user experience. Specifically, Google is trying to make chromes tab and its newer tab groups easier to use. In line with this, Google promises improvements that will deliver up to 10 times faster page loads and new features that will let you find and organize your open tabs easily.

A closer look at Google Chrome latest updates 

Here are the new features that you will get in the latest google chrome browser update; 

Grouping of your tabs and collapsing them

Grouping your tab helps you visually distinguish your tabs by topics or task. Now with the new feature update, you can also expand and collapse your grouped tabs easily, so it will be easier for you to see the ones you need access.


10 per cent Faster tabs in Chrome

Expect tabs that load 10x faster from the latest update when switching from one tab to another.


New touch-friendly tabs for tablet mode

This new feature will enable you easily to flip through your tabs, finding the page you are looking for and browsing the web while in tablet mode. It also has a new touchscreen interface that has larger tabs that are more practical to organize and hide while are not using them. 

Switch to an already open tab

Users can quickly switch to an already-open tab by typing a page title into the address bar


Find your tab faster with tab previews

This feature will be useful if you have lots of tabs open that look similar. Google chrome new update will enable you to find the tab you need by showing the thumbnail preview of the page you need.


Fill out and Save Pdf in Google chrome

Improved Chrome PDF functions that will allow you to fill out PDF forms and save them directly.


URL Sharing made easy

For Android users, google chrome has improved  URL sharing to help you quickly copy a link, send it to Chrome on your other devices, and send links through other apps. You can also print the page or generate a QR code to scan or download. This new QR code feature is also rolling out to Chrome on desktop and can be accessed from a new QR icon in the Chrome address bar.

These are the new features that are expected to be released by Google to improve chrome’s performance.

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