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WhatsApp for Android may be getting better with new Biometric Lock and Join missed calls features


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According to a report by WABetaInfo, a publication that tracks WhatsApp features but not affiliated to the messaging service, WhatsApp is testing two new features as seen in the latest beta update version These two new features spotted include, Join missed calls feature and the new Biometric lock that will replace Fingerprint lock that is currently on the app.

Join missed calls

WhatsApp has been working for a few months on a new feature that allows users to quickly join calls in a certain situation. In particular, if someone between your contacts invites you to join a group call, and you aren’t able to join at that moment, you will be able to join the next time you open the messaging app if the call hasn’t been closed! The feature is currently under development and will be available soon on the stable version of the app. It is also not guaranteed for Beta users.

Biometric Lock

Moving to the ‘Biometric Lock feature’ the company is also reportedly adding other ways to authenticate a user besides fingerprint scanning. Currently, only ‘Fingerprint lock’ is available in the Privacy settings of WhatsApp, but it looks like this option will change to ‘Biometric lock’ as it will include authentication with face unlock or other unique identifiers, along with fingerprint depending on your device OS. Users will still have the ability to choose how soon WhatsApp will automatically lock.

WhatsApp new biometric lock and join missed calls features
Image Credits: WABetaInfo

These are the two features that we expect to come with the stable version of WhatsApp in the future update. It should be also noted that they are in development and not yet available for all users of the beta build.

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