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WhatsApp Getting new features that you will surely like


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WhatsApp is the world most used messaging app that has billions of users globally who use it to connect with others. Due to its popularity and usage, Facebook( WhatsApp parent company) are always updating it with new features to improve users experience on the app. These new features that will come with the coming updates are currently under development and available for Beta users for now, however, we should expect the update soon to the original version of WhatsApp.


New Features Spotted on WhatsApp

Always Mute

According to WABetaInfo reports, WhatsApp has released an Always Mute option for its Beta users. The feature is self-explanatory as it essentially replaces the time limit for muting a particular chat or a group. After the release of the feature, users can mute a chat indefinitely instead of the maximum limit of 1 year. This feature will be very useful to mute those annoying chats that you get and don’t want anything to do with them forever.

Voice and Video calls enhancements

WhatsApp is currently hiding Voice and Video Call buttons in chats with Verified Business accounts. They are disappeared from Contact Info too. However, Those buttons are still available if you tap the profile icon in the chat and contact list. We don’t know if it’s intentional or what, but apparently call buttons are unavailable for verified business accounts in the chat.

New Storage UI look

WhatsApp has released a new update of the Storage feature and its tools that was unveiled recently for Beta users. This came after many users complained that it was slow, and not so many Beta users received the feature. With the current beta for Android, several users are now reportedly receiving the feature.

Media Guidelines

According to the Blog, WhatsApp is also rolling out another feature called Media Guidelines, that easily allows users to align stickers and text when you edit images, videos and GIFs.

Source: WABetaInfo

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