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You will soon be able to uninstall Bloatware from your phone thanks to European Union


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Have you ever noticed when you buy a new mobile phone you always get some pre-installed applications that you don’t use? These pre-installed apps known as bloatware sucks a lot and comes with almost all smartphones in the market. For example, when you buy a new TECNO device, it normally comes with Scooper and Phoenix which fills your notification bar with annoying notifications that you aren’t interested in, I know many TECNO users have experienced this not to mention Bloatware that comes with Xiaomi and Samsung devices and in most cases, users aren’t allowed to uninstall these apps.

However, change is coming soon, thanks to the European Union which is preparing draft legislation that will fundamentally change how we use smartphones, especially regarding pre-installed apps. If this law is passed, smartphone manufacturers will be forced to allow users to remove bloatware. This is a part of the Digital Services Act that is expected to pass by the end of this year. Currently, the only way for you to remove bloatware from your device is by Flashing custom ROM or by rooting your phone which I don’t recommend for those who are not techy and don’t know what they are doing, moreover, you will lose your device warranty if you do any of these.

Apart from the bloatware issue, “The law is also aimed at large companies such as Google and Apple to make sure that they use the collected data only for advertising services, not for its own commercial activities and make it accessible to its business partners. What’s more, Google and Apple will not be able to use the data they collect from their business partners to take advantage of their own services, something Apple has done with its App Store and Google with Play Store.” GSMARENA Reported.

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