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Zoom launches End-to-End Encryption for both free and paid users


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Zoom, the video communication platform that became popular for video conferencing globally during the pandemic has officially launched End-to-End Encryption for both free and paid users. This comes after the company announced its plans back in May to build an End-to-End Encryption meeting option on the platform on top of its strong encryption and advanced security features, and now E2EE is here with us for all users.

However, the company said that Zoom’s End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) offering is currently available as a technical preview, which means they are proactively seeking feedback from users for the first 30 days and will continue being available after the period.

“We’re pleased to roll out Phase 1 of 4 of our E2EE offering, which provides a robust protection to help prevent the interception of decryption keys that could be used to monitor meeting content,” the statement from the company said.

Zoom’s E2EE meetings support a maximum of 200 participants. This won’t affect users on Zoom’s Basic or Pro plans, which allows a maximum of 100 participants, but it could be a problem for Business or Enterprise users who needs to host a virtual meeting with over 200 participants. 

Although Zoom End-to-End Encryption meetings are more secure, they don’t work with a few of Zoom’s features. These include its cloud recording, live transcription, polling, meeting reactions,  join before host features. And, all participants have to use a Zoom app that supports end-to-end encryption, as the browser version may not work. 

The company continues by saying, any free account users who need to use end-to-end encryption will have to verify a phone number and add billing information as is necessary to prevent abuse.

To check if your meeting is E2EE, look for a green shield logo on the upper left corner of the meeting screen with a padlock in the middle. Instructions on how to enable it can be found in Zoom’s help centre.

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